Tann Utility Services (P) Ltd, a leading Indian Integrated Facilities Management company, provides cost-effective operations in compliance with international standards. This enables clients to concentrate on their core areas of business. Tann Utility Services combines tradition and technological advancement to provide a safe and comfortable environment.
Establishment in 2003, we have contributed to the development of our clients. Our business has expanded to offer a fully developed as an Integrated Facility management Services Organization, which includes Services in Maintenance Management and provide services in Production Support and logistic Companies. We strive to maintain high-level customer satisfaction through the proactive use of IT, quality management, the development of our unique personnel training programs, and the expansion of our business network. We are committed to making further progress and enhancing customer satisfaction. We are proud to be a member of IFMA - International Facility Management Association


TUSPL-IFM developed its Facilities Management Service thorough knowledge of the needs of its end users. The IFM Services maximizes value and provides efficient management services at lower operating costs, maintaining high service levels. Our approach is based upon creating an experienced customer-focused management team based on proven management principles. The emphasis is on delivering lifetime care for our client’s critical assets; improve efficiency, productivity and profitability. Our aim is to provide cost-effective Value for Money service.


Strong leadership has been the bedrock of our success. We are fortunate to be lead by an experienced, effective, and dedicated management team of corporate officers and directors. They bring in combined 40 years of progressive management experience in all phases of facilities management. TUSPL’s management team is committed to providing our clients the highest level of services to help them succeed and achieve market success in the global marketplace. And this commitment is proudly displayed within our company’s mission statement.


Our Board of Directors guide the organization with overall philosophy and direction of the organization that reflects at our business module. We have been growing steadily under the guidance of our board of member who bring in there years of experience at the work. A brief about our Board of Members have been discussed below.