TUSPL will provide you with hard-working, reliable, detail-oriented experts who know the right ways to clean and keep your places of importance. We provide all the cleaning equipment and products needed. TUSPL has been in business long enough to know what you need, and how to provide it. We have hundreds of satisfied customers who will attest to the quality of our cleaning services.
Whether it’s your home, your office, or a special space you need help with, we will clean it to your satisfaction. We stand behind our work – guaranteed! If you’re not satisfied with any detail of requested service we’ve performed, let us know within twenty-four hours and we’ll come back to make it right.
Our Personal Housekeeping services provide a top-to-bottom cleaning for your entire property or just the details that are important to you. We take the time needed to clean ‘problem’ areas, such as kitchens and bathrooms, as they should be cleaned, and our staff knows how to clean everything from your shower tile to your kitchen baseboards.
Our commercial services provide thorough and effective cleaning of your office space. We spend the time needed to do the job right – the whole job, every time we visit. Our staff knows how to clean everything right, from your high corners to your restroom baseboards. We offer a special personal touch not provided by other commercial cleaning services.


There’s more to janitorial services than a mop hitting the floor. Environmental concerns and new technologies have taken commercial cleaning service to a new level. TUSPL Janitorial Services combines today’s technology with numerous years of innovative experience. That means we can offer you a full range of solutions based on your individual needs – at one site or for multiple locations nationwide.
Our customers believe that the benefits of our commercial cleaning service are unsurpassed. We offer quality and value with:

What Makes TUSPL Janitorial Services Different (and Better)?

All janitorial services companies may appear similar until you take a closer look at tuspl Janitorial Services. The key issues that separate us from other commercial cleaning services include:


Serving the requirements of commercial and official sectors, we are always on the move to offer pantry management services to our clients. Our pantry management services pertaining to the pantry encompasses brewing and serving to the executives in their offices.
We provide staff to manage the pantry. They ensure the pantry is well stocked. They serve water, beverages and food. And if need be order, heat, and serve food. Whenever required they set up and do service during meetings and conferences. They also prepare reports on monthly consumption, requisition for pantry items, and take care of pantry equipments.


TUSPL is a full service company providing residential, commercial, and industrial pest control services throughout India. Our goal is to give you superior service at the most reasonable price using only the most advanced and environmentally safe products available in the pest control industry available today.
We offer an extensive range of services designed to have maximum impact on the target pest species and minimal impact on you, your family and the environment. Environmental and health protection is our main focus when eliminating pests. Our carefully selected range of products along with our application methods are designed to cause no adverse health effects particularly in sensitive situations when dealing with children, pets and conditions such as asthma. The products we select are fully registered and have been through extensive testing to ensure that our client’s expectations are exceeded.


We offer management services for Guest Houses in Bangalore. Our employees are trained according to the needs of small to medium accommodation management. The service includes reservation, room management, billing, accounting, and statistics capabilities.
Our employees at guest house acts as a caretaker custodian who handles entire affairs of the guesthouse, of the client including upkeep of premises cleanliness, housekeeping, linen, laundry, purchases, and accommodation of guests along with the other responsibilities mentioned above.
Through our services, we strive to make a guest's stay at a guest house as comfortable and homely as possible. Our staffs are groomed professionals in hospitality to present themselves in a manner befitting a professional corporate image. We can customize our services as per your requirements that makes us flexible and distinct from the others operating in this sphere.


We undertake garden maintenance and landscaping projects for our wide client base. Apart from general maintenance we render landscaping, hard landscaping and other gardening services under the supervision of our team of experts. and our team of experts take special care by selecting the right theme and ambience that is apt for the particular site that is been worked upon.
We make use of standardized machines and gardening tools to offer our services. some of our Service Range include:



We are dedicated to providing our clients with unsurpassed electrical services. We strive to provide the highest level of quality, value, and knowledge in the industry-maintaining professional services at competitive prices.
Our experienced and qualified staff of professionals is the backbone in the success of our firm. Resources are allocated to ensure our people are trained and educated at all levels to keep pace with the rapidly changing industry. Our family of clients varies in size and nature. Customers and the relationships that we have built over the years are the foundation and the greatest asset of our firm. Putting the "customer first" in every aspect of our operation while delivering the highest standard of excellence, integrity, and efficiency is our main focus. Our customers share a common trait-they have chosen a stable partner who can deliver a high level of service with concern for the uniqueness of every situation.
TUSPL offering a wide range of electrical installations – Utilities operation and maintenance services to our clients 24/7 X 365 days, operation and maintenance of all types of electrical installations such as HT/LT Panels, Main LT Panels , UPS DB's , ATS , AMF , ACB's , VCBS , HVAC, Chillers, AHU,s, PAC,s , Fire Alarm Panel , PLC , AC –DC Drives, Transformers , DG Sets with Synchronizing panels , Master Unit Sub Station 220/110 / 66/ 33/ 11 KV switchgears & equipments, Including preventive, predictive, shutdown and breakdown maintenance – with emergency support 24/7.


TUSPL offers and provides complete Operations Management and Preventive, predictive , breakdown Maintenance of Engineering Services , physical assets of - IT –SEZ buildings, offices , factories , heavy industries of all sectors Regular upkeep & maintenance of technical support systems is the key to enhance the life cycle of these assets. By outsourcing these utility supportive mechanism to TUSPL , it helps in great manner customers can allocate more time & attention to their core business.
We are offering a wide range all types of Electro-Mechanical installations, equipments ,systems & units operation and maintenance –AMC services 24/7 X 365 days & units such as..


TUSPL offers total utility system of all sectors manufacturing ( heavy & light ) , automobile, automotive, food processing , pharmaceutical , R&D; centers ,chemical , glass & other industries ,heavy solution extending beyond equipment AMC's by Understanding the Product application and its criticality to customer.
Our unique approach allows you to choose the degree of outsourcing services needed for your plants – factories. Whether package of various services or complete outsourcing services for your engineering utility operations, preventive, predictive & breakdown maintenance services TUSPL can work with you to tailor your specific outsourcing needs.
Continuous in house training of people for necessary capability to provide complete on time service to customers at their site to achieve highest levels of uptime of their plant and equipment, It helps in great manner customers can allocate more time & attention to their optimum core business – production.



We deploy Human Resource for all infrastructure facilities e.g. operation of cranes, batching plant JCB, concrete pumps, fitters etc. We source best mechanical staff for running of workshops like electro mechanics, petrol / diesel mechanics etc. We also provide staff like foremen, timekeepers, storekeepers, land surveyors, programmer planning engineers skilled and semiskilled tradesmen etc.
We select the suitable professionals for the desired profile of yours. This is possible due to potential of our consultants, who have the capability to spot the precise talent for the precise job. As job placement consultants, we have earned tremendous appreciation from our wide spread clients.


We offer consultancy services to our clients regarding recruiting unskilled manpower. Our consultants efficiently manage the recruitment needs of clients and work closely with the hiring manger to judge the aptitude, skills and experience of candidate. We also maintain a data containing all the information of applicants like their age, expected wage and other related things that helps our clients in selecting the right person for their company.
We have been supplying a great number of unskilled labours of all categories of jobs to most of industries located in and around Bangalore. We pride ourselves on being one of the leading labour supplying agencies in Bangalore.


Our professionals are trained for various office works and they work in harmony to meet the requirements of clients. We provide various professionals like financial professional, information and record clerks, software operators, several other office support staffs and administrative support staffs who are adept in their field of activities. Our staffs oversee the operation of clients’ office systems and ensure that they work as per the requirements of clients. Our staff is associated even with small supportive office services including mail management, riders management, office boys management.
Our employees are cheerful, well groomed, and articulate with appropriate attire. Our staff possess time management discipline and understanding of nature of our job. We understand that all organizations need timely and effective office and administrative support services to operate efficiently and this has enabled us to provide our clients with the best of administrative support staff.


Outsourcing of Manpower and HR services has become normal routine among companies nowadays. From Fortune 500 league to small scale enterprises every business entity understands the advantages up Manpower outsourcing. Business requires skilled manpower with adequate professional qualification. With ever increasing business demands it becomes increasingly difficult for companies to get into the intricacies of screening hundreds of applicants and selecting the best out of them. They prefer to concentrate on the business and stay away from this messy and time consuming process. Now this is where a Our clients turn to us most frequently for help in filling contract, regular full-time and specific project positions. The HR experience and knowledge of our core staff also enables us to define our client's business needs quickly and clearly and more effectively select appropriate candidates through a comprehensive screening and interview process.

We understand that our job as a manpower outsourcing company is a very responsible task. And we fulfill to our clients by providing the best staff, to satisfy the candidate by providing him the best opportunity.



We not only provide our services on a contract basis period, we have one time services where in you don’t need to lock in for a contract to avail our service. Under this service we basically send our professionals to your place based on you requirement and they perform the services.
So with our experience and vast pool of professionals we make sure that you get the best services be it a on contract bases or One time service.


Now that you have invested so much time, money and effort into remodeling or building your new office space we're certain you'll want its final presentation to be clean and beautiful, Your office or building's debut is of utmost importance and with Blue Chip's construction clean-up, the interior and exterior of your property will look clean, smell fresh and instill a sense of pride among its new occupants. Our post construction cleaning services are being provided to big buildings and complexes. Our cleaners ensure comprehensive cleaning of the properly from top to bottom and turn them into ready to use condition ,Our post construction cleaning services are being provided to big buildings and complexes. Our cleaners ensure comprehensive cleaning of the properly from top to bottom and turn them into ready to use condition. We use effective and latest machinery for the post construction cleaning services ensuring easy and reliable services.
Our construction clean-up services include the following and much more


We undertake the cleaning of various types of computer rooms from ISO Class 2 Clean rooms to general rooms used as server rooms. We are able to clean these to an agreed specification and a high level of quality. The frequency of cleaning these rooms will depend on many factors including the protocols you have in place to combat the ingress of dust.
We over the years have provided our service in cleaning of the following:

We understand that our job as a manpower outsourcing company is a very responsible task. And we fulfill to our clients by providing the best staff, to satisfy the candidate by providing him the best opportunity.


We are one of the well-known companies offering refurbishing services to Potted Indoor Plants Our services are offered to our clients with the guidance of keeping a good care of these plants. These plants are provided with a natural look and are available in a medley of colors. We offer these indoor plants for hotels, offices and other commercial and residential areas.


Our carpet and Chair Shampooing services are extensively offered to offices, MNCs, call centers, corporate houses, etc. We use excellent quality liquid solution for cleaning carpet and chairs in order to protect them from dust, scratch and spots. Utilizing advanced methodology, our cleaning process is efficiently carried out by our well trained professionals.
Our professionals are specially trained in the care of several fabric types, even the most delicate to ensure that clients’ premise retains the original luster even after cleaning. They choose the proper upholstery cleaning services for the furniture. We use specially designed tools to gently clean folds and crevices and ensures the entire piece is entirely clean. Our clean air upholstery cleaning service restores the beauty and extends the life of upholstered furniture, a precious possession of clients.